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Egyptian Alabaster Cheese Service



As I search the world for the most luscious cheeses and accoutrements, my journey has led me to the discovery of a unique Egyptian marble for The Cheese Impresario Cheese Service.   This luminescent ancient stone is perfect for accenting and serving artisanal cheese.

The Cheese Service is made of the finest quality oriental alabaster, a unique translucent marble found only in Egypt.  This cheese service provides what you need to serve beautiful artisanal cheese.  It not only provides the serving plate for the cheese, it also includes an olive boat, a condiment pot (that can also be used as a votive) and a small plate for serving fruit, crackers or charcuterie.  

Following in the artistic traditions of Pharaonic artisans who created some of the world's most precious works of art over 5,000 years ago, The Cheese Impresario Alabaster Cheese Service is hand made on lathes and hand finished, which ensures quality and originality in each piece.   Just like the artisanal cheeses I love.

The beautiful veining and warm coloration of oriental alabaster lend themselves to formal as well as casual tabletop service.   The translucence of the amber colored marble against opaque veins create an unending variety of patterns to delight your family and guests as you enjoy beautiful artisanal cheeses.

Price for the four-piece set:  $275.00*


The Cheese Impresario Egyptian Alabaster Cheese Service Includes:

One Serving Plate 12” diameter**

One Olive Boat  9” long 3” wide**

One Small Serving Plate 5.5 “ diameter** 

(for charcuterie, crackers, dried fruit and fresh fruit)

One Condiment Pot   3” tall X 3” wide**

(can also be used as a luminescent votive)

* includes shipping via UPS ground within the Continental United States.  Specific sales tax will be additional and will added for California residents.

**all sizes are approximate because these products are all hand made of natural Egyptian marble, some variations in size and color may occur.  

Care:  Egyptian Alabaster is a natural marble with variations occurring in a natural product.   Enjoy the diversity of this magical stone.   Please hand wash it in gentle detergent and do not put it in the dishwasher Please handle it with the same tender care as it was made.

Return Policy:  If you want to return the return must include the entire set of The Cheese Impresario Egyptian Alabaster Cheese Service.   This must be within 48 hours of receiving the package.   If it is past 48 hours, we cannot accept your return.

If a piece or pieces are broken:  Please save the packaging, and the broken items and E-mail The Cheese Impresario within 48 hours so we can make a claim.   You will need to provide your contact information so we can communicate with you to replace your piece and make the claim.  If we do not hear from you within 48 hours we cannot make the claim.



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