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Wisconsin Artisanal Gouda & Fontina Macaroni & Cheese with a Rum Manhattan Cocktail Inside and a Maraschino Cherry on Top
By Barrie Lynn – The Cheese Impresario
Ingredients are everything!
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I met Danny Laseke and Ellie Shon through Learn About Wine. As we tasted Cabernet Sauvignons vs Merlots they invited The Cheese Impresario to do an Artisanal Cheese Tasting Adventure for the University of California (USC) Food & Wine Society. I jumped at this opportunity to share the excitement of pairing artisanal cheeses with wines Danny and Ellie selected.

I arrived a bit early so I could make the cheese plates look beautiful with a variety of dried fruits and nuts. I love using a plethora of dried fruit with cheese. It is not only creates a picture-perfect presentation - dried fruit is delicious with all kinds of cheese. I even used Hybiscus Blossoms and made “Cheese Sushi.” You will know what I mean when you see these dried flowers that l ... Read More »

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My life was made more fun by a full-day visit with family artisanal vintner, Judd Finkelstein. Judd and his artistic family make dynamite small batch wines in Napa Valley under the name Judd’s Hill Winery.

Judd and his wife Holly are also Hawaiian music aficionados and have a group, The Maikai Gents featuring the Mysterious Miss Mauna Loa. I brought their CD to Hawaii with my family and we now know all the words and even have a few Hula steps of our own. This is why you will see the Ukule ... Read More »

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The wonderful organization, Learn About Wine asked Barrie Lynn - The Cheese Impresario - to teach a Cheese & Wine Tasting class with Adam Leemon who is Sommelier to the Stars. We tasted and tasted and tasted at The Geffen Playhouse, a terrific environment for some serious Sunday fun. I served six very different cheeses from California, Oregon, France, Spain and even Tasmania and Adam served nine wines.

My long time friend, “Heavy Lenny” Bronstein and his wife Arlene fell in love with the Fiscalini Bandage-Wrapped Cheddar and I know why. It's made by Master Cheesemaker, Mariano Gonzales, who is now a superstar in the national and international cheese scene. Rarely is a Bandage-wrapped cheddar produced in America that’s capable of challenging the best ... Read More »

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