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Cheese Poems


These cheese poems were written by friends and family

except one I discovered in a book on cooking with cheese from 1961.   
The publisher is still a family owned business and gave me permission

to share this charming cheese poem with you.
I hope you find them as enjoyable as I do.

Barrie Lynn – The Cheese Impresario


The Passion of Cheese



The passion of cheese



Like a butterfly you can transform

Finding your inner self through cheese






Learning the love of cheese

Learning the love of you

Finding your inner cheese






What kind of cheese are you?

What kind of butterfly are you?






A mind elixir, Held in anticipation
The yearning to have it, Now, there, anywhere.
Breathing the sharp and sometimes sweet scent.
The first kiss of excitement that spills down the spine.

Lucky tongue gets the first contact, teeth letting go.
Surrounded in a process of melding, a bite or not.
Embraced by the wonder of oneness......
Something for every want, be it subtle or intrusive.

Soft and pungent, crisp and sweet.
Feel the headiness, let go and enjoy, laugh.
A taste of English Cheddar with Apricots, blueberries.
Without bounds, Dive in to a Divine cheese.



The Mouse



There's nothing quite like a piece of cheese
to nibble upon for pleasure and ease.
No matter the time or state of mind
greater joy than cheese you'll never find.
Served on a cracker or a soft piece of bread
a morceau de fromage will please your head.
Roquefort, camembert, brie or blue
served with fruit or in fondue
God gave us cheese- a bit of heaven on earth
to lift our burdens, providing sweet mirth.
And after all our daily work is done
we enjoy simple cheese just for fun.
But remember the ancient custom of the house
leave behind a kernel for the nocturnal mouse.

C Jim Sitterly 2006

To The Reader




To The Reader
Dear Lady, I beg you
To cook as you please,
But don’t overlook the
Importance of cheese!

As a casserole topping
All bubbly and brown,
It will make your fine cooking
The talk of the town.

As a spread for a sandwich
Or a puffy soufflé
It will help you to cope
On your busiest day.

Its tang and its flavor
Will tempt and will tease;
‘Most all of your dishes
Can be sharpened with cheese!

The Editor
From The ABC of Cheese Cookery,

used courtesy of Peter Pauper Press, Inc.

Copyright 2014 by The Cheese Impresario
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